Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Indictment From the Grave

Alberto Nisman essentially served an indictment from the grave this morning. The Argentina prosecutor was found dead under not so mysterious circumstances two weeks ago.

It was revealed today that a preliminary 26-page arrest warrant for Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman had been found in the garbage of the apartment where he was shot, reportedly, point blank in forehead.

Last Thursday Nisman was buried in the Tablada Jewish Cemetery, Rabbi Marcelo Pollakoff officiating, amid a heavy police presence, stone throwing protesters, and demonstrators who succeeded in damaging the wreath sent by the office of the Argentine Attorney General.

Also this week anti-Semites began circulating posters reading “The good Jew is the dead Jew. The good Jew is Nisman.”

Prosecutor Viviana Fein, responsible for investigating Nisman’s death, originally denied the existence of the incriminating 26-page draft, but confirmed it this morning after being challenged by an article in the prestigious newspaper Clarín on Sunday.