Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wisdom is Justified of Her Children

CNN affiliate KSDK recently showed young children as part of a “protest” that escalated into another violent confrontation with Ferguson police. Apparently the black community is playing it by the manual:

“During Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, Israeli soldiers seized a Hamas training manual ("Introduction to the City War") produced by the Shuja'iya Brigade of Hamas' military wing (the Al-Qassam Brigades) that extols the benefits of Palestinian civilian deaths and the destruction of Palestinian property for propaganda purposes and openly admits that Israel tries to avoid both. It also advises its combatants to use civilians as human shields wherever possible” (MARK SILVERBERG, Geneva meets Jihad: The New Rules of War, August 12, 2014).

“They’re putting their own people in the line of fire — and doing it by the book…. that extols the benefits of civilian deaths and openly admits that Israel tries to avoid them…. the manual — whose cover shows images of militants wielding rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons — crows about the propaganda value of the deaths of innocents” (Bob Fredericks, Hamas’ disturbing ‘human shields’ manual, NEW YORK POST, August 5, 2014).