Saturday, February 24, 2007

“a female El Al ticket agent…”

The major news media rarely if ever mentioned the name of “a female El Al ticket agent” who was the first to die in the July 4, 2002 LAX “incident” U.S. authorities refused to acknowledge as terrorist attack. Though it occurred on the anniversary of the day Israel, in another airport of the world, wrote the definitive word on counter terrorism, federal intelligence agencies have yet to classify the incident as terrorism.

Victoria Hen’s family had planned a surprise party for the following day when her boyfriend, Yaron Cohen, was to propose. That day was replaced with dreary funeral preparations that had to be completed before sunset (the beginning of the Shabbat). Although Yaron, a Cohen (descendant of Aaron), was not allowed by Scripture (Leviticus 21:1) to even be at her graveside, he confided to a friend: "Vicky was my whole life. I expect that at any moment she will walk through the door with her beautiful laugh and smile."

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