Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Jew

The Jew today is the purest blooded and proudest descended people in all the world. … The temple went up in smoke in 70AD. … But the Jew is still today what he was then, he is still the woman. His language, his literature, his customs are much the same. He has been persistently hated and hunted by the Gentiles. …He tried to find asylum in one nation only to be driven out. To try to find asylum in another nation only to be driven out. … to be tromped upon, to be stoned, to be burned in ovens. Canute banished them from all England a thousand years ago. Edward I drove every last one of them from England’s shores. In France and Germany they were blamed for the Black Plague and they were terribly treated. That same year that Columbus discovered America, Spain drove all the Jews from the kingdom. Then came the Spanish inquisition that wreaked their cruelties upon them, GET THIS, in the name of Christ. … Nations have hounded and persecuted and hated the woman. But God loves her. … God loves her. Oh yes, she has become a prostitute. The book of Hosea reveals that the nation of Israel prostituted itself to idolatry. But just like Hosea brought back his wife Gomer, and loved her in spite of her harlotry, God loves the nation of Israel today. And God will bring them through victorious. They will rule and they will reign with Christ as a national entity (The Valley Church, emphasis added).16

16The Valley Church, The Man Child, 5/25/75, (audio tape).

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