Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama's Green Light for Genocide

Do not pretend to know the thoughts and intents of the President's heart, but after his Thursday Mideast outline for "peace," it became painfully obvious that the plan as imposed would facilitate a Post-WW2 genocide. Discounting the ceding the fertile West Bank to Arabs and the Negev desert to Jews, the abandonment of the Hebron graves of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and most unthinkable, the "forgetting" of Jerusalem, Obama's proposed Palestinian State would literally cut the heart from Israel, and as Netanyahu strategically assessed, leave her an "indefensible" "nine mile" corridor.

Obama was not the first president to "befriend" Jews:

"At the French resort of Evian on the shores of Lake Geneva in the summer of 1938, President Roosevelt initiated a nine-day international conference, supposedly to facilitate Jewish immigration from Germany and Austria.

Very important people were here and all the delegates had a nice time. They took pleasure cruises on the lake. They gambled at night at the casino. They took mineral baths and massages…some of them took the excursions to Chamonix to go summer skiing. Some went riding, some played golf. Meetings. Yes, some attended the meetings. But, of course it is difficult to sit indoors hearing speeches when all the pleasures that Evian offers are waiting right outside" (Rene Richier as quoted in Peggy Mann, When the World Passed by on the Other Side, Manchester Guardian Weekly, 7 May 1938).

Here are the recollections of an uninvited delegate, Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel:

"… sitting there in that magnificent hall and listening to the delegates of thirty-two countries rise, each in turn, to explain how much they would have liked to take in substantial numbers of refugees and how unfortunate it was that they were not able to do so, was a terrible experience, I don't think that anyone who didn't live through it can understand what I felt at Evian – a mixture of sorrow, rage, frustration and horror" (As quoted in, The Evian Conference - Hitler's Green Light for Genocide, Annette Shaw, 2001, Quoted by permission of Stephen D. Smith, Director, Beth Shalom, (Letter 15/3/2000), Perspective, Vol. 1, Issue 1, July 1998, "Nobody Wants Them,” p. 21).

"At the end of the nine-day conference, Hitler had his Green Light" (Annette Shaw, The Evian Conference - Hitler's Green Light for Genocide, 2001):

"Nobody wants them' claimed the German newspaper Völkischer Beobachter after the Evian Conference in July 1938 and Hitler gloated, saying, 'It is a shameful spectacle to see how the whole democratic world is oozing sympathy for the poor tormented Jewish people, but remains hard hearted and obdurate when it comes to helping them." (Perspective, Beth Shalom, p. 21).

After Obama's Thursday Mideast outline for "peace," it became painfully obvious that the plan as imposed would give, Fatah, Hamas, and the Arab League a "Green Light for Genocide."

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